Top 10 Smart Cities Startups North America 2017

Montréal aims to become the global leader among smart and digital cities. That why we can’t imagine a better place to host our next FIA Smart Cities Startup Contest. The Global Startup Contest is organized and managed by Digital Leaders Ventures (DLV) in close teamwork with the FIA and supported by Formula E, Michelin, ENEL Group and Julius Baer. The Jury Workshop and the FIA Smart Cities Contest is held at the hospitality area right at the city racetrack of the FIA Formula E Championship in Montreal.

Powerful Startup Ecosystem

Smartcities: Montreal is a Unique Innovation Hub At the ForeFront of the Digital FutureMontréal is a unique startup hub and we are enjoying to work with so many enthusiastic and passionate people – all focused to create the future of digital. We feel that the city is transforming itself into a smart city. Technology entrepreneurs can thrive and become the changemakers on this exciting journey.

The team of the FIA Smart Cities Startup at DLV wants to especially thank Simon Pillarella, Directeur Général, at Montréal c’est électrique, the Centre of Technical Entrepreneurship (Centech), the Ecofuel Accelerator, Tandem Launch, the Startupbootcamp Smart City Program, the McGill Faculty of Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the McGill University and the Centre d’excellence en efficacité énergétique for their support and cooperation.


It’s only 6 days until the next FIA Smart Cities Startup Contest and today we are announcing our Top 10 startups. In the run-up of this startup competition our team has reviewed more than 100 #SmartCities startups in North America. Our team has done an intense evaluation process and has selected the ten most promising companies who have the opportunity to present our high-level jury personally, showcase their company at the FIA Smart Cities Forum, get an investment of $100.000 USD and experience the Formula E electric racing series. Here are our top 10 companies to compete for the FIA Smart Cities Startup North America 2017.

Top 10 Smart Cities Startups North America 2017:

(in alphabetical order)

  • ATEK

    Large-Scale Monitoring and Control Solutions for Smartcities. Revolutionary Industrial Internet of Things Platform.


    CARFIT leverages car’s vibration with artificial intelligence to anticipate maintenance needs and revolutionize car maintenance. Autonomous cars will need autonomous maintenance with predictive diagnostics. External assessment via vibrations analysis is a fundamental asset to achieve CARFIT’s vision of predictive autonomous maintenance.

  • ChargeHub

    ChargeHub simplifies charging electric cars by providing a single platform for locating and paying for charging.

  • CrossRoad Optics

    CrossRoad Optics employs a powerful arsenal of advanced computing to count and track how people use our roads today. Using a small sensor, we collect continual data on site, and produce a wide variety of metrics. Customers, empowered by this new information, can act with confidence in an increasingly uncertain world.
    CrossRoad Optics is a simple solution that provides much needed data for understanding roadways.

  • C2RO

    C2RO offers a robot-agnostic SaaS platform that uses real-time data processing technologies to enable artificial intelligence software solutions for any robot in a fast, secure, scalable and inexpensive manner; augmenting the perception and collaboration capabilities of robots even the low-cost ones with limited sensing and computation resources.

  • Evey

    Smart objects work better together. Evey connects the devices in your home for a seamless experience of tailored and adaptive comfort, finally putting your house on your wavelength. Meet your Home Assistant: Sensing, learning and interacting with you and all the connected devices in your house. Bridging the gap between your devices and your daily life.

  • SPARK Microsystems

    Enabling tomorrow’s wireless links. SPARK’s solution has applications in a vast range of sizable markets, including mobile electronics, wireless sensors, and wearables, all of which compose a good portion of the Internet of Things. The potential applications cover a wide range of other sectors such as Industrial, Vehicular, Agriculture, Building automation, and Biomedical.

  • Tesloop

    City to City Travel in Teslas. Tesloop is the first service offering city-to-city shared-car transportation in Teslas. It combines both the low cost of electric technology with a focus on an inspiring experience. Tesloop’s convenient pickup and drop-off locations provide incremental benefits, while you avoid airport hassles and the challenges of driving yourself. We believe traveling in a safe, productive, and sustainable way should be an experience that’s truly inspiring from booking to arrival.

  • Wavelite

    An autonomous connectivity platform for low power sensors, that is: Easy to integrate: Wavelite is a connectivity platform can be integrated with a variety of low power sensors; Maintenance Free: By reducing the power consumption at the data transmission component, Wavelite enables battery-free operation in low power sensors; Real Time: Wavelite uses ambient wireless signals for real-time transmission of sensor’s data while keeping the power consumption at a micro-Watts level.

  • Wasterobotic

    Wasterobotic makes intelligent recycling robots. Recycling Industry 4.0 – Waste Robotics integrates advanced waste handling processes, computer vision, deep learning algorithms and state-of-the-art robotic technologies to enable smaller, more precise, safer and more profitable waste recycling facilities.

This is our Jury at the FIA Smart Cities Startup – Montréal 2017:

  • Monty C. M. Metzger, Founding Partner at DLV
  • Joaquin Gabarro, Director at Julius Baer – Swiss Private Banking
  • Marjorie Paillon, Fondatrice at I Love Productions, Présentatrice France24
  • Katarina Metzger, Managing Director and Chairwoman at Digital Leaders
  • Luca Pascotto Global Public Policy Manager at FIA
  • Danil Kerimi, Head of Information Technology and Electronics Industries at the World Economic Forum
  • Representative, The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)
  • Representative, Start-up Initiatives and Business Incubator at ENEL Group 
  • Representative, Manager at Michelin
  • Luis F. Garcia Ulibarri, Associate and Venture Partner LatAm at DLV

On Thursday, July 27th 2017, we will be holding the Jury Workshop and at approx. 8:00 pm, the same day, we will announce the 3 finalists at our twitter account @DLV. On Friday, July 28th 2017, during the FIA Smart Cities Conference we will have our three finalists on stage presenting to the audience and press representatives. And we will be announcing the winning company at 11:45 am on the main stage.

To learn more about the DLV Global Startup Contest in teamwork with the FIA please visit: