Entrepreneurs investing in entrepreneurs: Digital Leaders Ventures launches venture fund and announces the first four investments

After a successful IPO for his youngest company serial entrepreneur Thomas Enge is now going into promoting young talent. Together with the entrepreneur and technology futurist Monty C. M. Metzger with “Digital Leaders Ventures (DLV)” he is investing in start-ups from sectors that they have their success to thank for: the Internet, mobile communications and technology.

One investment every month:

Thomas Enge and Monty C. M. Metzger have been keeping this promise since September 2015, the launch of their European venture capital fund based in Luxembourg. When selecting their investments they’re focusing on ideas from the sectors they’re renowned for: the Internet, mobile communications and technology.

Thomas Enge is an entrepreneur and investor. As the founder and former CFO of the German mobile communications discounter simyo and amaysim, Australia’s fourth largest mobile communications company, he’s been bringing valuable experience in international business to Europe again since its successful IPO. Together with Monty C. M. Metzger, who after his role as CEO at a trend consultancy firm with offices in Tokyo, Peking and New York has been working as a business angel and investment advisor for many years, he is scrutinizing the global market for successful tech start-ups.

A quartet in the portfolio

Currently there are four companies in the Digital Leaders Ventures’ “Ignition Fund” portfolio: AirCall (www.aircall.io) enables companies to set up a professional call centre in 40 countries in no time at all without a long lead time and anywhere in the world. Enki (www.enki.com) is revolutionizing the further education and training sector with short format learning content for programmers and technology experts, which adapts the level to the learner using deep learning algorithms. PingPad (www.pingpad.net) is a social productivity platform that totally reorganizes and simplifies working together in groups and between groups. VOIQ (www.VOIQ.com) supports sales teams by being able to individually book extra call agents who bring qualified leads to a close.

Co-investors in Digital Leaders Ventures are among the most successful in their sector, for example Reid Hoffmann (LinkedIn and Greylock Partners), Michael Arrington (Crunch Fund), Mark Pincus (Zynga), Dave McClure (500 StartUps) and Y-Combinator.
“We’re investing in companies during the important phase, after the first incubation phase,” says Thomas Enge, partner in Digital Leaders Ventures. “Anyone who has a sophisticated idea, developed prototype or functioning Internet portal often needs the next boost in resources. They get that from us.”

“We’re not just supporting them with capital,” adds Monty C. M. Metzger, partner in Digital Leaders Ventures. “Thanks to our global network of digital leaders we can establish contacts with both potential customers and other financiers as required. We’re informed about the most promising investment opportunities from our network that includes successful serial entrepreneurs, major thought leaders and leading investors.

The Digital Leaders network includes several of the most influential personalities in the Internet, mobile communications and technology industry.